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Hayrides at Fulton Farms

Open hayrides begin September 29th and 30th and will continue every weekend in October. Wristbands are $7.00 and include a hayride to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin of choice, and entrance to barnyard play area. Hours are 11am–4pm..

If you would like to schedule a weekday hayride for a school or organization, a minimum of 10 people are required.

For more information please call our farm market line, 937-335-6983.

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  1. My first trip to Fulton Farms was today with my daughter’s school (Valley Forge) we had alot of fun but I have to admit, not knowing what to expect as I’ve never been here before, I got online before we left for our trip today. Your website says that the $7 admission (which is the price I paid) included a hayride and a pumpkin of our choice. Unfortunately I assumed that since that was the price I was paying that we would get a pumpkin at the end. I was told when the hayride was over that if we wanted a pumpkin it was an additional $5. This was kind of hard to explain to my 7 yr old. I think if the pumpkin isn’t included in the price then you need to specify this on your website or maybe explain that group trips don’t have the same things included.

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