CSA Program Overview

Tractor Spreading Compost in the FieldOur CSA Program, known as The Happy Box, provides customers with home delivery of fresh, organic produce. Each week our customers receive a generous box of locally-sourced organic food.

Truly a seasonal project, the contents of The Happy Box change throughout the season to reflect the natural ebb and flow of our local climate.

To ensure that our customers receive a good variety of produce, we partner with a number of organic farms down south who have different varieties of produce ready before we can manage here in Ohio.

What’s in the Box?

The contents of the Happy Box change often. This is a necessary accommodation to the local growing season and adds nice variety to our customer’s produce selection. Below is an overview of the contents of our Happy Box seasonally.

Through local production and bulk purchasing Fulton Farms is able to provide the produce our customers receive at about the same cost of the same items at the local grocery store. The difference, of course, is that our customers receive produce that is fresh, 100% organic and delivered right to their home! Peace of mind from knowing you’re serving your family the most responsibly grown produce available is a free bonus.